photographic galleries

Photographs tell you more than many words. They have inspired many travels. Here are links to some fantastic photos of Ladakh which I found on the web. Watch and get inspired to your explorations of the region!


The website is dedicated to Ladakh, the Himalayan region of northern India. It is intended to be a information centre where you could find useful links, suggestions and inspirations. There are lists of books and maps, links to news, photo galleries, NGOs. The "what's on" page lets you follow all the recent tweets about Ladakh on a single page.

The site has been started in January 2010 and has been undergoing major rearrangements in September and October 2013. You may check the old version of the site here. It contains the Forum which has been discontinued.

what's going on in Ladakh

You may find all the recent tweets (posts on Twitter) about Ladakh here. The page is intended to be a single source to follow everything hot about the region. Watch other's photos and videos, follow links. Be up to date and get inspired to travel to #Ladakh ;)

trek & travel related pages

This is intended to be the site to visit before the visit to Ladakh. You will find a handful of links to travel as well as health information which may vital before you trip.

maps of Ladakh

It would be difficult to travel (not even saying about trekking) without a map. Here is a choice of Ladakh maps to let you know what's available.

articles about Ladakh

I try to put a link here whenever I find an interesting short reading about the region.

videos, time-lapse presentations, slideshows

Whenever I find a stunning slideshow, video or time-laps show I embed it here to let you watch the beautiful Ladakh too! If you find something that I've missed, do not hesitate to contact me.


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